Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Tats And Trunks!

So we started off by celebrating little guys 8th birthday.  Still can't believe he's that old!!  

From there the summer taught me that my munchkin is beyond fasinated with tat's.  All summer long, we have continually had to put them on and take them off so I thought I would share his favorite one of all.  In honor of Uncle Corey.  He got one this summer and junior mint (as his Daddy calls him) is in awe.    Moving along, the tat's have had to stop now that he's back in school and they won't allow them.  Can we all say, awww, poor child - lol!  He's enjoyed this summer of swimming and going back and forth to the lake. We have too, actually but, for those that read this blog, it's mostly about him not us (who really cares about us, ha ha ha).   Oh and the soccer season... yeah that ended badly.  Poor group had very little talent. I think they ended the season losing about half of their games.  But, they had fun and that's what was important.   All in all, it was a good summer filled with lots of fun and laughter.  Not that this comes as a shocker.  It's pretty much expected at our house or so I hear from everyone!   I'm signing off and moving right along to fall which so far seems that it's going to be interesting...  As for me, I'm working my tail off and the boys are both in school and doing fantastic!  Hugs and Kisses to all of you!  More to come, until then.... laugh and love and make it worth it!  :>}

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Old Southern Spring

So, spring has sprung in the South, that's for sure!  It's a hot, muggy, 84 degrees and climbing. Just waiting on the rain to pound down.  I say every season, "oh, I'm so ready for summer, fall, winter, spring", really... I'm not, lol.  Don't get me wrong, I love planting flowers and seeing them grow.  I love the bright colors (I'm a vibrant color girl), the smells of fresh grass and just seeing God's hand at work. It seems like it's just more visable in the spring time or maybe that's just me.  I look forward to the strawberries and the summer veggies that taste like vegetables should.  Tomatoes, oh how I miss you...

I digress just dreaming of the sweet, juicy taste and wishing I had one right now.  But at last, I don't.  Instead my weekends are filled with soccer games and birthday parties which I love!  Makes me wonder why so many birthdays are in the spring, hmmmm....  :~)  So, my little guy is on a green team this season (the green gators), lol.  The team named themselves can you tell it's a bunch of 7/8 year olds?  Hubbs is the coach this year and just about can't stand the fact the team is the "Gators" when he went to Florida State and is a die hard SEMINOLE.  He told them that they had to be the "Green Gators" that they couldn't be just a Gator.  ha ha ha.  Men!   More to follow.  So far they have won 1 and lost 1.  We will see what Saturday brings.  The kids are already asking when the pizza party is. Nice to see where their priorities are.  LOL!  

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It May Not Be Mother's Day But I'm So Proud...

So, this is my mom, her BEAUTIFUL Baltimore Album Quilt and her story. This was the first quilt that she ever made. She started in 1995 and finished in 2005. She only worked on it occassionally which is why it took 10 years to finish, lol. My dad convinced her to enter it in the fair here in our home town a few years ago. She does and wins "FIRST PLACE". From there they offered her the ability to enter in the state fair. She figures, why not so she does and wins "BEST OF SHOW". From there it travels around the US and hangs in D.C. It comes back home and she's tickled pink since it is the first quilt she ever made (she's made alot since and they are all amazing). I have to say as a person who has no more sewing talent than a gnat, that would be me, I too think it's fantastic. The stiches are so tiny and the quilting is amazing, it's all done by hand. The ruching (I think that's how you spell it) is gorgeous! The flowers look 3D. Ok, so you get the idea!

In July she gets a phone call from the Houston International Quilt Show and Festival (this is the Stanley Cup of Quilting for you hockey fans or the Super Bowl for you football addicts) wanting her to ship her quilt to them for consideration of allowing (yes, I said consideration and allowing) it to hang in the Baltimore Album Review that they are doing in November at the show since they are picking and choosing the one's they want. She of course is so happy she can't stand it and says, yes, yes, yes. Even if they don't pick it she can be proud, right? Well, they do pick it and not only did they pick it, she got put on the front corner so it's in the first line of viewing. Apparently, they liked it too! So in November, Mom and I make a trip to Houston to shop and check out her quilt and get her picture with it. We had so much fun just us then with all her friends that came down for the show as well. It was a fun week just hanging out with my Mom. It's been too long since I've found time to do that, just us.

I know that this sounds like a huge brag blog of my mom but, I find that since we don't get to spend as much time together anymore as when I was younger I want to praise her where I can. She's an amazing women who has overcome so much in her lifetime and she (and my Daddy) raised both my sister and I with so much love and tenderness. As a wife and mother now, I know what she gave up for us. I'm just thankful everyday that the Lord blessed me with her. She will probably never see this or read it (she can't even work her cell phone, lol) but, I know it's here and I'm shouting from the rooftops that Mommy, I am SOOOO SOOOO PROUD OF YOU and I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Can I Stop Time?

I admit it, I've been so horrible about updating this blog. I'm sorry to the family and friends that follow this for updates on our lives. It seems like I just don't have time for much of anything extra these days. I will try harder. Yeah, I know... you don't believe me do you? ha ha ha

I can't believe my birthday boy (May 16th) was 7. Yes, I know it's July, lol. Our little man is getting so big. He's lost 2 teeth at 7 and growing everyday. His personality is one of my favorite things. He's definately a leader and not a follower. He thrives on making you laugh then gets tickled at himself. It makes my heart sing! He had a bowling party. I know you are thinking, didn't he have one of those last year and to answer your wonder, yes you would be correct. He wanted another one this year. What can I say, he likes routine. Hah. We tried to get him to do other things but that's what he wanted, so that's what he got.

To catch you up on our lives, the plumbing saga or as we like to call it " The Pinkston Potty Nightmare" continues. It's still not fixed but we are on the list (should be in a week or two). We still are saying a prayer it doesn't require tearing up the street. The 5 trees they had to take are down and cut so we are prepped and ready.
Chris is off for the summer (from school) so he's enjoying being around the house and with CJ. As for me, I've been fortunate too to spend the summer at home and not travel back and forth a day or two a week to the office so it's been wonderful. I love spending time with our little man, day in and day out. I do have to say, there is a part of me that's ready for school to be back in session but, I wouldn't trade my special moments with my boys for anything! We recently had a wonderful vacation as a family, we needed the time away! I wish I was back there now, taking in the water and the sun...

On a positive note, we FINALLY settled with the insurance company and recently bought a replacement camper. It's not new but, it's nice inside and it gets the job done for Chris until he's out of school. He loves it because it has a separate bedroom and has a swivel rocker. For those of you that know Chris, it's important he can continually move. :>)

For those that were praying for Chris' dad (Jim), thank you so much. He's doing so much better and as of right now, they said they can't see anymore cancer cells. He's had his last chemo treatment and is doing well. Praise the Lord. He goes for a CT and PET scan soon so that will confirm or change the future plans. More to come on that. Right now we are looking forward to seeing him and spending time with Janice as well next weekend. We are headed to Tunica for a fun filled gambling weekend just adults. :) Maybe we will win B-I-G!

So, now I'm off to celebrate a belated birthday dinner with a girlfriend. Hope this finds all of you well until next time! Peace, Love, and Birthday Cake!!!