Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Tats And Trunks!

So we started off by celebrating little guys 8th birthday.  Still can't believe he's that old!!  

From there the summer taught me that my munchkin is beyond fasinated with tat's.  All summer long, we have continually had to put them on and take them off so I thought I would share his favorite one of all.  In honor of Uncle Corey.  He got one this summer and junior mint (as his Daddy calls him) is in awe.    Moving along, the tat's have had to stop now that he's back in school and they won't allow them.  Can we all say, awww, poor child - lol!  He's enjoyed this summer of swimming and going back and forth to the lake. We have too, actually but, for those that read this blog, it's mostly about him not us (who really cares about us, ha ha ha).   Oh and the soccer season... yeah that ended badly.  Poor group had very little talent. I think they ended the season losing about half of their games.  But, they had fun and that's what was important.   All in all, it was a good summer filled with lots of fun and laughter.  Not that this comes as a shocker.  It's pretty much expected at our house or so I hear from everyone!   I'm signing off and moving right along to fall which so far seems that it's going to be interesting...  As for me, I'm working my tail off and the boys are both in school and doing fantastic!  Hugs and Kisses to all of you!  More to come, until then.... laugh and love and make it worth it!  :>}

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